Healing, Clearing & Protection Spray

For millenia, cultures all over the world have relied on flower essences and essential oils as a pure and natural way to achieve balance and to stabilize themselves when exposed to the stress of everyday life. This unique spray is a proprietary blend of 13 Bach and FES Flower Remedies and one Essential Oil in purified water, designed and developed to address the concerns we all have regarding the well being of our emotional states, our bodies and our energy fields, along with environmental health issues.

When your aura, or personal energy field, and your environment are filled with negative energy and toxins, it puts stress and pressure on your physical body and your emotional space eventually causing illness and upset, heaviness and depression. With the daily bombardment of pollution, germs, pollen, viruses, bacteria, fear, anger and overwhelm, we are in need of relief, comfort and strengthening. The
Velvet Vapor formula actually clears and neutralizes the negative energy and toxins from around your space that wear down your energy and your immune system.

The FES and Bach Flower Remedies and Essential Oil of Basil act as a protection from the negative energy we encounter in the course of our daily lives.
Velvet Vapor helps protect you on an emotional, energetic and physical level by helping you to release mental fatigue, tiredness, confusion and tension. Infections, colds, allergies and flu are also diminished.

Soft and gentle, Velvet Vapor healing spray is a safe, effective and pleasant way to remove the unwanted energy quickly and easily, anytime and anywhere you need it. The benefits are profound and the results are immediate. It can be sprayed on and around your body as well as in your car, home and office. Our formula is perfectly safe for your pets as well.

Velvet Vapor is great for absolutely everyone, no matter what age. Certainly for those who are in situations and environments where they are in contact with a lot of people on a daily basis, such as Teachers, speakers, counselors, and any group setting. It especially helps those who work closely with others: Massage therapists, hair dressers, body workers, etc. This is an excellent way to clear after each client. Feng Shui practitioners use Velvet Vapor to clear rooms, homes and offices as they change and revitalize the spaces they are curing. It is also simply refreshing during warm weather to help cool you down.

Velvet Vapor comes in a 4oz. Cobalt Blue glass bottle with sprayer and is hand made here in Santa Fe, NM, using only the highest quality Bach and FES flower remedies and essential oil. Each bottle is filled with purified water and Sun charged for an hour then charged again with neutral healing energy. After it has cooled from the Sun, then the flower remedies and essential oil are added.

Velvet Vapor

The powerful ingredients in our Velvet Vapor formula:

The Essential Oil of Basil:

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*Please note: If you have a sensitivity to fragrances, Velvet Vapor can be ordered without the essential oil.

*Disclaimer: The item and information presented here is not intended to cure, diagnose, or prescribe treatment and is not intended to replace proper medical care. The information given is for educational information only to help in becoming better informed about building and maintaining wellness and in helping your body to normalize itself. It is wise to consult a Licensed Health Practitioner before starting any health improving program. Your use of the information available and/or the item is your own responsibility and at your own risk.

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